Sewing Cosplay Costumes

Whether you’re an experienced Cosplayer or a “first convention” newbie, Cosplay Costumes are perfect for Halloween. Most begin with new or thrifted clothing, but there’s no need to spend the big bucks. Using your sewing super powers, Cosplay Costumes can be simple and quick or detailed and elaborate! The tutorials I chose for you today are full of tips from veteran Cosplay Costumers. You can choose your character and have a lot of fun along the way – that’s Cosplay at it’s best!

Image Source: Yumi King YouTube

Anime Basics

In the world of Cosplay an Anime costume is a classic. While Yumi King’s YouTube video offers instructions for a specific character, you’ll learn a lot about the nature of Cosplay Costuming and how to create your own. Although, this is a very detailed costume, it’s a great place to start if you need to learn about the basics. Click here for Yumi’s video.

Image Source: GiannyL YouTube

Thrifty Tinkerbell

It’s Halloween Eve, you’re exhausted and, you still need a costume. GiannyL’s marvelously quick and inexpensive Tinkerbell costume video tutorial will save the day! You’ll begin with a t-shirt and soon be soaring out the door in a fabulous refashion. It’s easy to make and magically fun to wear. Click here for GiannyL’s video. Pixie dust included!

Image Source: Brit + Co.

30 Minute Wonder Woman

If you’re looking for something quick, the tutorial I found on the Brit + Co. blog will be your superhero! This “30 Minute Costume” begins with a purchased outfit, but you’ll use your sewing skills to craft a super cape. You’ll need red, white and blue jersey or lycra fabric, thread and a sewing machine. To keep it quick and simple, the tutorial calls for white paper stars. If you’d like your cape to be just a bit more super, use fusible web and white fabric to create applique stars, then stitch the edges. Hint: You can easily adapt this cape for other superheroes, too! Click here for the Wonder Woman tutorial on the Brit + Co. blog.

Image Source: Holidappy/Pins and Things YouTube

Rey Skywalker

Star Wars fans, unite! The Force can be with you as you become brave, young Rey Skywalker for this year’s Halloween! The details in the costume designed by YouTuber Pins and Things for the Holidappy blog are marvelous! You’ll use purchased pants as a start then add easy sewn and wrapped accessories to create the amazing Rey you’ve imagined. This is a well-organized tutorial that includes hair and makeup tips so you can achieve your ultimate Reyness! And, if you need more stars in your Cosplay life, check the links to other costumes in the YouTube notes. Click here for the Rey Skywalker tutorial.

Image Source: Ginny Di blog

Pokemon Go Trainer

You have the app, now create the costume. Who knows? Dressing up as a trainer may help you catch those elusive little Pokemons you’re collecting! Choose your colors, then follow the great tutorial on the Ginny Di blog to create this handmade, hand sewn transformation. You’ll love Ginny Di’s detailed instructions! Her helpful hints will teach you techniques you’ll use in your future Cosplay Costumes, too! From what to purchase to what to make, Ginny Di is an expert that will be a great guide for your Pokemon Go Trainer quest. Click here for the Pokemon Trainer tutorial.

Image Source: The Sorry Girls blog


If you’ve dreamed of being a Polynesian Disney princess, a Moana costume will complete your dreams. The Sorry Girls, Becky and Kelsey, fashioned a beautiful costume using fabrics, paints and the free templates they provide. This is a fun project that will teach you several techniques you can use for other Cosplay Costume adventures, too. Raw edges and freezer paper stencils make it quick and easy, but feel free to add as many details and finishes as you please! Click here for the Moana tutorial on The Sorry Girls blog.

Image Source: Costume Works blog

Beauty and The Beast Plus Baby Lumiere

Creative husband and dad, Bryan, spent time researching 1800’s French Court fashions before designing this glorious family of Cosplay Costumes.  Using a combination of fabrics, sewing skills, purchased clothing and accessories, Bryan put together amazing Beauty, The Beast and Lumiere costumes. His instructions are brief, but detailed where needed and you’ll enjoy using your own imagination to complete the look for you and your family.  Click here for Bryan’s post on the Costume Works blog.

Image Source: Coolest Homemade Costumes blog


Let’s head under the sea now for another Disney-esque Cosplay Costume. Purchase a purple bra and a length of shimmery green lycra, do a little sewing and Ariel will suddenly appear! Amanda’s tutorial on the Coolest Homemade Costumes blog will walk you through the simple process of mermaid transformation in a wonderfully helpful post. Click here for her tutorial.

Where will your sewing super powers take you this year? The beauty of Cosplay Costumes is that they can be as bold as you like, as detailed as you can imagine or as simple as you would enjoy. Whatever you choose, have fun, wear your costume proudly and play on!

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