Sewing Month Give-away- Patchwork Pals become SoHo Bandana Buddies!


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When does 1 + 1 + 1 = 2? When you combine Indygo Junction’s SoHo Bandana fabrics with Indygo Junction,s IJ947 Patchwork Pals doll pattern and Coats and Clark Threads! Add these all together and you have a too cute duo sure to delight the whimsy in each of us.

pic 2The updated bandana patterns found in the SoHo Bandana collection will work for a wide variety of projects.  The clean line of the blue and green paisley was perfect for these adorable patchwork dolls. We couldn’t make up our minds which one was the most adorable the rabbit or the elephant so we made one of each! To complement the SoHo Bandana fabrics matching denim was used for the ears and feet of the dolls.


Of course a good fabric needs good thread. Coats and Clark Dual Duty XP All Purpose thread is perfect for these dolls.  Coats and Clark Dual Duty XP # 6220 is a good match for the Soho green paisley and #4550 matches the Soho blue paisley.

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If you have never sewn dolls, this is a user friendly pattern for a beginner. Before sewing smaller pieces together on the sewing machine take time to baste the pieces in place.  Mark pattern pieces with tailor’s chalk or fading markers so you will be able to match pieces easily.

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  One of the joys of sewing is making a project your own by adding personal touches. To make these dolls even more special we added extra detailing with Coats and Clark Dual Duty Plus Jeans Topstitching Thread

On the rabbit and the elephant both the ears and leg bottoms were embellished by using the Jeans Topstitching thread. Instead of a circular topstitch a large “X” marks the spot for the elephant’s trunk.

Usually topstitching is added as one of the last steps in a project. For the legs of each animal it is necessary to add the topstitching to the bottom of the foot before it is attached to the leg.  Topstitch 1/2” from the edge of the fabric. Pull threads to the back and knot.

Be prepared to change the tension on your sewing machine when you use the heavier Jeans Topstitching thread. Use scraps to practice before you topstitch.

Using the right needle is also important. With Jeans Topstitching thread use a size 16 needle or a Jeans needle.

When it’s time to applique the patches on the dolls or attach eyes to the dolls use Coats Dual Duty XP or Coats Jeans Topstitching threads.

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Check out all the designs in the SoHo Bandana Collection at Indygo Junction.

Save & Sew!!!

In celebration of the tour and NSM Indygo Junction is offering a 20% discount on your next  pattern order, use code SBT20.

There are two ways to win!

To win the fabric, pattern and thread we used for the Patchwork Pals, leave a comment here on our blog. For an extra chance, like us on Facebook, then comment back here on the blog to let us know you did!

For the grand prize from Indygo Junction use the Rafflecopter widget below. Check out the huge prize package — You can enter up to 25 times:


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    Love bandanas and, since we have an Alabama fan in the house, we love elephants, too. Would love to win this one!. Thanks for the chance.

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    These are adorable! I have a granddaughter that would just love these. And the fabric perfectly complements the pattern. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    This is such a fabulous giveaway! I have been a fan of Coats and Clark threads for years, and is my preferred thread for sewing and quilting. Thanks!

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