Sewing Month Skirt Sew Along- Make it Your Own

CS267_734CS268_965It’s time for the final post in our four-part sew-along series! In case you missed it, here are the first three posts:

Today we’re talking about how to tweak this pattern to make a different skirt every time. Try out one of these variations or come up with your own to make this skirt really suit your personality & style.

10 Ways to modify the Simple Skirt:

  1. Blind Hem – Sew your hem with the blind hem stitch on your sewing machine for a more polished, professional-looking finish.
  2. Fuller Body – Make a fuller version of this skirt by simply increasing the width of your fabric in the cutting step. A width that is twice your hip measurement will make for a very full skirt; 1.5 times your measurement will be slightly less full.
  3. Fringe – If you’re using a no-fray fabric such as a knit, try adding fringe to the bottom of the skirt for a funky style.
  4. Embroidery – Use a solid-colored material for the skirt and embroider the hem area with colorful stitches for a folklore-inspired style or just a pop of color.
  5. Warm it up – For a cold-weather skirt, use a heavier fabric such as sweater knit or sweatshirt fleece. Pair it with tights and boots all winter long!
  6. Waistband – Use a colorful elastic that will bring in a funky splash of color contrast to your skirt. Try hot pink elastic with a black-and-white skirt, or even a shiny metallic for a dressier version.CS268_1032
  7. Formalize it – Make this skirt a more formal style by using stretch lace (line it with a lightweight knit), stretch velvet or even a sequined or sparkle knit fabric.
  8. Downsize – This skirt is great for little girls, too! And it’s so quick to make, you won’t mind as much when she outgrows it. With a quick measurement you could even make a matching skirt for her favorite doll in a mini-mini skirt size!FS 0439 44
  9. Stripes – Sew strips of two fabrics together to make a striped fabric, and then sew that into the skirt for a sporty look.
  10. Contrast hem – When you cut your fabric, sew two pieces together – one should be approximately the bottom 1/4 to 1/3 of the total fabric of the skirt. This is a funky way to add a contrast hemline to your garment.

Do you have any other ideas for making this skirt differently? Share it with me in the comments! Or better yet – sew up a skirt for the sew-along and post a link to the pictures of your finished creation! Use our tag #sewalongcoats.

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