Sewing Month Super Give-away

We are planning a super celebration of Sewing Month this year. For 15 days in September we will be giving away SUPER prize packages each one including a sewing machine, thread, fabric and more! Thanks to our partners, FreeSpirit Fabrics,  Dritz, Fiskars, Schmetz, USA and Singer for making it all possible.

Details for entering are on our MakeItCoats Facebook page @MakeitCoats.  OR you can ENTER HERE

Here’s a run down of the prizes. FIVE  prize packages will be given away EACH week!

September 11-15 Sewing & Embroidery  Package

  • Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery & Quilting Machine
  • Coats Quilt+ Machine Quilting & Embroidery Thread- 12 mini cones
  • Coats Quilt+ Quilting thread- 12 mini cones
  • FreeSpirit Tokyo Milk Neptune and the Mermaid fabrics
  • Dritz Sewing Basket
  • Schmetz Machine Needles
  • Fiskars Rotary Cutter, Scissors and Craft Knife

September 18-22 Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements Package

  • Janome HD-1000 Black Edition Heavy Duty Machine
  • Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements Cotton thread – 12 spools
  • Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements Craft thread-12 spools
  • Tim Holtz Correspondence Fabric Bundle and Design Roll
  • Dritz Sewing Basket
  • Schmetz Machine Needles
  • Fiskars Rotary Cutter, Scissors and Craft Knife
  • Tim Holtz Expedition Tote Kit* one day only

September 25-29 Coats Dual Duty Plus and Shell Rummel Fabrics Package

  • One of the following Singer Sewing machines:
    • Singer Featherweight (C240) (new Featherweight)
    • Singer Legacy C440 computerized machine
    • Singer Fashion Mate (3342)  Singer Sewing Assistant App, available for this model
    • Singer Heavy Duty machine (4432) Singer Sewing Assistant App available for this model
    • Singer Pro-Finish Serger (14CG75400 and 12 cones Coats SureLock Thread
  • Coats Dual Duty XP 50-Spool Assortment
  • Shell Rummel Quite Moments fabric bundle and design roll
  • Dritz Sewing Basket
  • Schmetz Machine Needles
  • Fiskars Rotary Cutter, Scissors and Craft Knife

Details for entering are on our MakeItCoats Facebook page @MakeitCoats.  OR you can ENTER HERE

Contest starts September 11! Good Luck.




213 thoughts on “Sewing Month Super Give-away

  1. Jeanne Marie Wallace Reply

    This sounds so exciting I am looking forward to this contest as I would love a new singer sewing machine that offers what I see here, so exciting and appears fun also. Thank you for the chance to win one of these prizes, again can not wait. Jeanne Marie Wallace – Montana where we are having so many fires here!! but we will survive!

  2. Jayne Rutledge Reply

    Always a fun site to get free patterns from and information about new products being offered

  3. Sandra Caulder Reply

    OMG!!! This is fantastic. I need a new sewing machine so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. My machine is at least 35 years old. LOL

  4. Carolyn Halt Reply

    This is a wonderful give a way.
    Any one is a wonderful addition to your sewing supplies.
    Please add my name to the list of winners.

  5. Sue Cooper Reply

    This is so exciting! I would LOVE to win the embroidery sewing machine. How do I enter? I don’t see any instructions.

  6. Michele T Reply

    Wow!!! The prizes are awesome!!! Is this contest open internationally, including Canada?

  7. Jaimee Reply

    How does one enter the Sewing Month Super Giveaway Contests? I have received the email, and clicked on the “enter to win” button, but do not see any way to actually enter. Can you please provide details for entry?

  8. Alice Goehrig Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these great prize packages. The winners will surely be very lucky.

  9. Bev Read Reply

    I use only coats and Clarks threads. I LOVE the durability and the assortment!!! I always tell my sewing students, to use only Coats and Clarks, NO SUBSITUTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Maude Reply

    What a wonderfully awesome giveaway! Please feed my sewing and crafting addiction and pick me!

  11. Loraine Kaul Reply

    Wow, this is really generous! Have a fun month!!

    If we did not have your sewing supplies in ND for all these years, I would not be a seamstress or quilter because there have been few other suppliers to ND sewing stores. My mother and my grandmother and my mom’s sisters all used C & C sewing thread and notions. Dritz was a sewing I was familiar with prior to Internet. LOL

  12. Sheila Mallard Reply

    Not sure if this is the correct method of entering the contest but I’d love to enter and WIN!

  13. Colleen Lim Reply

    Thanks to all the generous donators. A chance to win is cool and exciting!

  14. Sandra Timmons Reply

    WOW! It would just be so darn sewing fantastic to become a winner. Thank you for this chance to try and be a winner. Would be definitely doing a Happy Dance when I see a package from you and I know this is my lucky day indeed! Love your sewing month super give-away indeed!

    Sandi Timmons

  15. Bonnie S Jessmer Reply

    spectacular is the one word that comes to mind, each of these packages are just spectacular.

  16. Dolores Grossman Reply

    Hi Lynn, How can you enter the contest if you do not have a Facebook account?

  17. C. Dufort Reply

    Wow, all of these gifts are great! Too bad I don’t have access to Facebook

  18. Deborah from Texas Reply

    I love sewing. I’ve been making memory pillows from some of my MILs shirts that she wore.

  19. Sandi Reply

    Would love to win one of these packages. My granddaughters love to sew and would make excellent use of one of these prizes, and leave me my machine!

  20. Susan Nicol Reply

    I hope this contest will be available to Canadian residents as well. I could not find the information on your Facebook page. Will It only be available starting September 11?

  21. Connie in Florissant Reply

    This would be absolutely awesome to win any of these prizes. My fingers are crossed.

  22. Rachel J Thomas Reply

    I love to be creative and sew. I would love to win one of the prizes.

  23. Judy Reply

    Is the only way to enter is on FaceBook? I don’t belong, let me know if there is another way to enter

  24. Stephanie Sutton-Gundry Reply

    Please choose me – recently retired and looking forward to learning new techniques in sewing and serging.


  25. Gale McNabb Reply

    I learned to sew in school over 50 years ago and is a life long skill and a great hobby!

  26. Linda Morales Reply

    These prizes are awesome…………i hope to make my sewingroom soon and would love to include these items.

  27. Ellen Reply

    I would love to win sewing machine. My sewing machine is 17 years old. I want modern sewing machine An embroidery machine

  28. Ellen Lunsford Reply

    My singer machine is 17 years still going strong but would love to have a new one.

  29. Grace Hallett Reply

    What an amazing giveaway! Wow! Make It Coats is making it awesome. You’ve outdone yourself this time.

  30. Pat Reply

    Oh, what a great collection of prizes I hope I am chosen for the embroidery machine, mine has died and gone to heaven like all good machines. I cannot afford to replace it on a fixed income.

  31. Pat Reply

    Oh, what a great collection of prizes. I hope I am chosen for the embroidery machine. My machine died and went to heaven like all good machines. I cannot afford to replace it on my fixed income.

  32. Ethel Asbury Reply

    Awesome, useful & very desirable prizes. I would love to be a lucky recipient!

  33. Gail Koroglu Reply

    What a beautiful way to celebrate national sewing month! My hat goes off to Coats!

  34. Donna Billinger Reply

    the winning packages look great been following Coats and Clark for many years this would be nice.
    Sewing is a relaxing activity, have always enjoyed.

  35. Nancy Pennington Reply

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see if I could possibly win. Thanks to all contributors for the awesome packages.

  36. Paula Reply

    Details on Facebook. Not everyone is on Facebook. Will we still have a way to enter? There are some great prizes I’d love to win!

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      You can enter by clicking the link on this post- you do note have to be on Facebook.

  37. Darlene Clarke Reply

    Thanks for keeping us informed are what’s happening in the sewing world and the free downloads. I have used many of the downloads. I would love to win………..

  38. Brenda Reply

    It’s my happy place. I can go there and be free to create. And leave the rest of the world behind. I love sewing. All I seem to think about is what to make or cut up so I create something out of it.

  39. DIane Joslin Reply

    Teaching my granddaughter and daughter how to sew. This would be a wonderful surprise for them.

  40. Sondra Reply

    I think these are the greatest giveaways I have seen in a long time. Anyone (including me) would be very happy and thrilled to be the recipient of one of these prizes.

  41. Debra Atkinson Reply

    Please choose me, and this is such a generous offer, I am on my 3rd quilt and would love a new machine.

  42. Kathy Kauth Reply

    I think it is a great way to start the fall season the cooler weather is coming and a great time to plan all those sewing projects.

  43. Carol Reply

    WOW! You certainly know how to throw a PARTY! I see Many HAPPY HOURS ahead for those who receive the PARTY Favors. 🙂 Thanks for the super give-away! Happy SEWING MONTH!!!

  44. Lynn E Marsh Reply

    I went to the face book page and joined that , but cannot find how to sign up for contest! Please help.

  45. Peggy Paige Reply

    How wonderful! I’d love to win any of the prizes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. Sarah Reply

    I need more guidance on how to enter, please. I don’t see a way to enter on Facebook.

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      There is a link in this blog or you can enter on our Facebook page- @makeitcoats.

  47. Karen B. Reply

    Would love to win any package. I teach homeschoolers to sew, so this would come in so handy.

  48. Karen Honeycutt Reply

    I would love to win! Started sewing and quilting again after many years. I have lots of projects to do and need fabrics and updated sewing machines. Love Coats and Clark products!

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      The link is in this blog post. You can also enter from our Facebook page.

  49. Margaret Morgan Reply

    What a fun looking contest and prizes. I have recently discovered Coats paper piecing thread and I love it!

  50. Ida Downing Reply

    Would love to be a winner just once !! Love my friskar products, coats thread , Brother & Singer embroidery machines . Can never have enough thread , machines or scissors !!!!

  51. Elizajane Reply

    What a Fantastic “Give Away”. I ‘d be privileged to win any of those packages.

  52. Kathy Watson Reply

    The prize list is unbelievable. I would be delighted to have any of the items listed and shown. I have used some of the items shown and have only good things to say about them.

  53. Jane Parente Reply

    Winning would be such an honor. I am most likely going to have to replace my sewing room in Delray Beach Florida. Be safe my friends. Jane

  54. Mayo Richardson Reply

    Sewing month super give away is a great idea. This is a great way to get people back into sewing and not just buying the same products off the rack.

  55. Tina Olson Reply

    Wow what a awsome super give away. I would be honored to recieve any of the packages. My mother always used your products that’s how I know how great they are.

  56. Thilda Hanna Reply

    Amazing prizes! I would love to win… but I would have a tough time choosing one.
    I can dream, can’t I ?

  57. Carolyn Keithline-Inglett Reply

    I’ve been looking depending on Coats since the 1960s at age 12 when I learned to sew with my mother. I knew them as Coats & Clark then, but Coats has continued to provide high quality threads, zippers, and many other notions for the home and professional seamstress. As a former home economics teacher who continues to love sewing from simple to advance and recently quilting, my needle is raised in praise of Coats. Bravo!!

  58. Lana Rosen Reply

    Wow, how generous! I have long been a lover of sewing. I learned from my mother as she spent hours at the machine sewing for me and our family. As I became older I returned the. Love by sewing for her. It is truly something that relaxes me and gives me joy. Being chosen for ant of the above would be great!

  59. Patricia P Brue Reply

    Good selection of great items! Hopeful that I win so I can share wit my sewing group. the group sews for disasters and charity. We have made bibs for the elderly and pillow cases as a teaching project and would love a new machine and items to help in our projects. Please consider us…

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      That’s great Patricia! Make sure everyone in your group registers each week to increase your chances.

  60. Wanda Reply

    Just beautiful. What else can you say … Except it sure would be nice to be that lucky ☺☺

  61. Cheryl seals Reply

    Coats an Clark’s does it right again with this fun giveaway !! How awesome ! I’ve been sewing since I was 5yrs old an haven’t let a minute pass that i could spend sewing..One thing my mother taught me was to never ever use any thread besides Coats an Clark’s , she said once dad brought home some cheap polyester thread he found on sale ,, she promtly told him never to do again because it was awful ..Only buy me Coats an Clark’s it dose’t shread! He bought her a whole box 4 her birthday that year…Thanks again 4 fun giveaway

  62. Liz oaks Reply

    Would have enjoyed the chance to enter! Just got the text today, September 20th!

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      Sorry, we had a glitch with the link-Try the link again- The contest is still open through this week and there will be 5 more prize packages next week.

  63. Marilyn P. Harrison Reply

    I just received the email announcing this contest today, 9/20/2017. Very disappointing!!!

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      Sorry, we had a glitch with the link-Try the link again- The contest is still open through this week and there will be 5 more prize packages next week.

  64. Jill Barlow Reply

    It would be nice to win something.I would love to someday get a embroidery machine so I could make cute designs on baby an toddler outfits

  65. Karen Salerno Reply

    Thank you so much! I was one of 5 that won in the second week! Received my prizes and love it! The Janome machine is petfect fir my needs. Waiting on the Fiskars package now. For someone who always enters contests but never wins, I am thrilled to gave been picked. Thanks again.

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