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The best part about sewing with others is the feedback you receive on a regular basis on everyone’s projects. Few of us actually have time to get together with others to sew — but doesn’t a sewing circle sound so nice? Luckily, we have the Internet to keep up company, and give us a little feedback as we go along in sewing, too. One of our favorite places to find project and pattern reviews is at Bimble and Pimble, a super fun apparel blog focused on apparel pattern reviews. Even if you’re not sewing the exact garment featured, it’s a great place to see what someone else has to say about certain techniques & other sewing methods.

This Spring we’ve become reinvigorated in sewing apparel, because our eyes are often bigger than our pockets when it comes to our wardrobe! If sewing has taught you nothing else, it has hopefully at least empowered you with the ability to take wardrobe building into your own hands in true DIY fashion! It’s fun to follow along with someone else on projects, especially to see what they do & don’t like about certain techniques. Check out this glimpse of projects from Bimble and Pimble with some great insight to apparel sewing.

Peony Dress - Pattern Review

The Peony Dress is reviewed here with topics including length and this sweet waist belt — a lovely classic dress that we think looks good on everyone!

The Hollyburn Skirt - Pattern Review

The Hollyburn Skirt pattern review has some must-read tips on selecting fabric for your pattern (no pattern is all-inclusive for materials!) and shows a great version of a skirt with piping, a fun thing to try against a solid fabric.

The Jasmine Blouse - Pattern Review

The Jasmine Blouse features a bias cut technique that makes for great movement in a top, something to definitely try for certain cuts.

Gorman House Tea Dress - Pattern Review

We love this dress, another wardrobe staple that can be made over & over in a variety of fabrics to give it variation. This review talks about the importance of size — just because one pattern says it’s a size 4, this can range widely across pattern companies! Always measure before you cut.

Eucalypt Tank - Pattern Review

The Eucalypt Tank is a perfect opportunity to break away from your standard cottons and try something with a silk finish or flow. The binding tape on the sleeves and collar make for easy finishing, especially when you’re working with a material that frays a lot like silk.

Simplicity Pencil Skirt - Pattern Review

We love a perfect pencil skirt, another wardrobe must-have. Because they’re fitted, they’re fun for trying out a denim-type or tweed material, which adds some nice structure close to the body. This review talks about binding as a seam finishing method, a great opportunity to make things easier on yourself and add a punch of color to the interior!

Do you have a favorite online spot for a digital “sewing circle” where you love getting tips & pattern reviews? Share yours in the comments below!

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  1. Briana Mateo Reply

    The pencil skirt will forever be in, I’m liking the fabric choices. They’re always spot on, thank you so much for sharing!

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