Sewing Studio Tour- Little Pin Cushion

By Handmade Charlotte

Little Pincushion Studio began as a dream Annabel Wrigley had to offer sewing classes to children, teaching them creative use of color, fabric and design. In 2010, she and her husband converted their garage in Warrenton, Virginia into the perfect sewing room to purse her dream, a totally adorable space with plenty of room for the kids to sew and decor to inspire them.

Annabel created a magical place where children can learn the joys of sewing (she calls her students “sewing pixies”). I got a chance to meet her at a Heather Ross Workshop in Palm Springs, California. She’s as charming as she is inspiring–I just know her students love her to pieces!

Visit the Little Pincushion Studio website to see more inspiring photos and read Annabel’s wonderful blog!

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