Sewing Tips and Projects from Ikatbag

We always rely on Ikatbag for little tips and tutorials here and there. We’ve brought you an assortment today, from strawberry bags to princess seams. Enjoy!

Strawberry Bag via Ikatbag




















Who says strawberries are just for the summer? Keep summer alive with this strawberry bag!

Dress for Winter via Ikatbag


















This may look like a summer dress but a corduroy dress is perfect for the winter with a long sleeved turtleneck underneath!

Scrunchies via Ikatbag












Scrunchies might have been a fad in the eighties but they still live on through us scrunchie believers today!

Pants for boys via Ikatbag























Make your boy’s favorite pants reversible with this awesome tutorial!

Princess seam via Ikatbag























Learn how to create the perfect princess seams with this easy tutorial.






















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