Tag Blankets in Three Shapes

I know we’ve all seen cute tag blankets at baby showers the past few years. They’re usually brightly colored squares with festive ribbon and trim loops spaced around the edge. And, if you’re a sewist like me, you’ve thought “Hmmm . . . I bet I could make that.” Well, yes you can – and I have three different baby friendly shapes for you, too!

The adorable Tag Blankets I found are all cleverly designed but have two things in common – fabric and ribbon. Each designer chose her own favorites and you can do that, too. Fabrics should be soft, textural and machine washable. Think about flannel, fleece, Minky/Cuddle, terry, corduroy or chenille. You’ll need an assortment of bright ribbons and trims in a variety of textures, colors and prints. You may already have your own stash of little bits you’ve been saving or you may find an end-of-roll grab bag at your local fabric shop. Beyond the common fabric and ribbon needs these Tag Blankets each have a little twist that makes them unique.

Tag Blankets monogram finished

The first of our three Tag Blankets is, just as you’ve seen before, a simple square. This one has a cheerful, personalized addition, though and a “noisy” little surprise that baby will love!

Tag Blankets monogram stitching

First, this special Taggie is monogrammed with baby’s initial. So simple, so sweet! To make the monogramming easy and textural, you’ll trace the letter onto felt. If you’re not good at drawing letters freehand, search the internet for a letter style you love, then print it and trace it onto your fabric. The monogram will be attached with fabric glue, but for the sake of durability, you’ll want to stitch around the edges, too.

Tag Blankets monogram crinkle sewing

To keep baby’s interest, the Square Tag Blanket contains the ever sought after “crinkle factor”. Babies love this! As Allie of the Miss Lovie blog says in her tutorial, this is baby gold. There are several different options for creating “crinkle”. Just about anything that makes noise will do and Allie suggests a square of cereal, chip or baby wipe bags or the lamination scraps she used in her taggie. The “noisy” piece will go inside the blanket where baby can’t get to it, so no worries there. Click here for the Monogrammed Tag Blanket tutorial.

Tag Blankets football finished with baby

And, then we have number two in our Tag Blankets round-up – the Football Taggie! This sweet, easy to grab ball is actually a cross between a taggie and a sofite or plushy. Rather than being flat, it’s three dimensional, so it could actually be thrown or rolled in a game of catch as baby grows older.

Tag Blankets football supplies

Andrea of The Train to Crazy blog is also tuned into the essentialness of noise in Tag Blankets, so she included jingle bells in her football stuffing. The ribbons on her football are just on one side, but if you want to make this taggie even more engaging, add them to multiple sides of the ball. Click here for the Football Softie Taggie tutorial.

Tag Blankets sunshines

The last in our line-up of Tag Blankets is a sweet sunshine I found on the Sew So Easy blog. The ladies of the blog have thoughtfully included a template for body shape and face features of the Sunshine Taggie, so if you’re not sure you can draw a circle that’s actually round, they’ve got your back!

Tag Blankets sunshine face

It’s fun to add your own touch, but be sure to follow the tutorial’s instructions for fused and stitched eyes, cheeks and smile. The safety mantra with baby toys is NO buttons EVER. The Sunshine Tag blankets are lightly stuffed so they become cuddly, textural little buddies for baby. Andrea doesn’t mention it in her directions, but you could add crinkle or bells in with the stuffing to make a really super sunshine. Now you’re a clever designer, too! Click here for the Sunshine Taggie tutorial.

Aren’t these fabulous? I know you’re going to find them delightful to make and your stock of “at the ready” baby gifts will grow quickly. Have fun and make a baby happy today!

5 thoughts on “Tag Blankets in Three Shapes

  1. Deborah Reply

    How cute these are, especially the smiley face taggie. While looking at the appliques, it occurred to me that I can use my flower foot for the circular appliques.

    There are at least 2 babies I know of that will love one of these. Thanks for the ideas.

    • Annette Millard Post authorReply

      They’re such fun, aren’t they?! Sounds like you’ll have several happy babies in your world soon!

  2. Marcel Stimus Reply

    So I’m paying it forward, and making these homemade heart taggie blankets as my first of many homemade gifts for other little ones. So I’m paying it forward, and making these homemade heart taggie blankets as my first of many homemade gifts for other little ones.

    • Annette Millard Post authorReply

      Homemade and gifts are two words that just belong together. Good for you, Marcel!

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