New and Innovative ELOFLEX Thread

It’s raining, it’s pouring and summer is almost over…… dreary I know, but a beautiful rainbow awaits.  Introducing Coats and Clark Eloflex, an innovative performance s t r e t c h  thread designed for high extension  s t r e t c h  seams!

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Introduced to the market in July, this wonder thread will elevate your sewing experience whenever your sewing needs a little give and take 🙂 No more snapping seams on knits and certainly no more puckering!

Eloflex is indeed perfect for:

  • Stretch seams in performance sportswear and activewear
  • Stretch jeans and jeggings
  • Highly stretchable seams in footwear
  • Neck seams and hemming operations
  • Underwear
  • Childrenswear


The Coats & Clark representatives gave me a spool of Eloflex at our initial meeting in March. They did not tell me what it was and waited for a response.

“Is this  s t r e t c h  thread?”

Making sure I understood its significance, they asked me to give it a try and I sewed This Garment in April.

Now that the new colors have been released I sewed my latest with the Eloflex which is  Vogue 9214 designed for moderate stretch knits.

V9214_aMy fabric is a zig-zag mid-weight knit with black polyester backing making it ideal for the unlined jacket with a pleated peplum.

Since the backing is black I used both black and white Eloflex threads. Every seam is smooth, and the thread is unlike any I’ve sewn with.


I made no alterations on the pattern and sewed a straight size 8. For me this is rare and for some reason the pattern fits me perfectly, but I recommend lengthening the bodice for anyone taller than me (5/2″) or with a long torso.


I finished all seams on the serger and used black Petersham ribbon rather than seam binding for the neckline finish.

I love the jacket and I am beyond thrilled to sew with a thread compatible with knit fabrics.


Eloflex is available in  JoAnn stores and Hobby Lobby.  A good online source for the thread is or you can order it directly from the Coats & Clark consumer service department at (800)648-1479.

Coats & Clark recommends using  a size 9 or 11 Ballpoint or Stretch needle with the Eloflex for best results. A universal and ball-point needle should also be compatible with the thread.
And now for the best news of all…. Coats and Clark is giving away an Eloflex gift package in 14 colors to one lucky winner!

S992-Elofex-prize-packTo enter the giveaway simply leave a comment below. The winner will be announced on Sunday, September 10th. Good luck to all , and let’s celebrate this new reason to stretch and flex!


Many thanks to Coats and Clark!



33 thoughts on “New and Innovative ELOFLEX Thread

  1. Karen B. Reply

    I am teaching a class on knits, and would love to try this thread. Sounds amazing—love the colors too.

  2. Becca Reply

    Seems like a good idea. I wonder how well it will hold up over time with repeated & washing drying. Also what about decomposition in the environment all things to take into account when we purchase products.

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Eloflex is made from continuous filament P. B. T. – polybutylene terephthalate. It is colorfast and bleach safe. It meets the stringent standards of our industrial division which sells to manufacturers. It is Certified to Öko-Tex Standard 100, class I, the most stringent class covering textile items for babies and toddlers. It also meets Coats restricted substance list.

  3. Susie Haroutunian Reply

    I bought this tread at Fabricland but the sales clerk wasn’t sure which needle to use. I am so glad that you did mention about the needle. Now I don’t have to try and waste any of the thread.thank you so much

  4. Simka Miljkovic Reply

    Ooo, this should make sewing knits so much more pleasurable. Can’t wait to try it.

  5. Laura S Reply

    This looks like excellent thread! I love your jacket too, I definitely love the creativity that is found in sewing yourself!

  6. Kathy E. Reply

    Eloflex sounds like a dream come true! Why wasn’t this invented years ago?? 🙂 Yes, I’d love to use it as I make more and more of my clothing now. I like to personalize my clothing to make it fit better and choosing my own fabric is the best fun! Having the seams ease with this thread sounds perfect!

  7. Mary Morrison Reply

    I have just started sewing knits and my own clothes. I am definitely making this jacket. I would be perfect with skirts on Sunday! Thanks for your inspiration!

  8. Kathy Couling Reply

    Wow! I can think of so many uses for that thread! Can’t wait to try it. Your jacket is stunning!

  9. Diane Kaylor Reply

    I love your jacket! I am now taking another look at this pattern. I wouldn’t have thought the results would have been as nice as yours. I am anxious to try this thread. My local Joann’s didn’t have any in stock.

  10. Jenine Lantz Reply

    Love all the colors of the threads. Just bought my first jacket pattern in several years. looking forward to trying this thread out.

  11. Carolyn A. Reply

    Yeah, stretch thread designed for a sewing machine. No more fussing with serger stretch thread in my bobbin.

  12. Sheri Reply

    Guess I missed the giveaway! Congrats to whoever won! Looks like something I’d like to try…

  13. Sue Reply

    This thread interest me. I don’t sew a lot of knits, mainly because the thread will break during wear, especially hems.

  14. Carlada Rumba Reply

    Love that jacket, it looks great on you!
    I’m so excited about this new stretch thread! I can’t wait to get my hands on some and try it on some bras/panties/lingerie!!

  15. linda lomax Reply

    Love sewing knits and i am interested in any thread that can move with the fabric and not break. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Me Me pick Me

  16. Margaret Moffat Reply

    Where in the UK can I buy this amazing thread just what I’ve been waiting for, this will make sewing with Knits much easier, and the seams will be secure. Would love to purchase.
    Amazon has no stock and doesn’t know when it will be in stock again.

  17. Nancy Schol Reply

    I am going to be sewing a sports bra and really excited to try this new thread! What a great option!

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