The Invisible Zipper Foot

I sometimes get a call from someone who is trying to put an invisible zipper foot on their sewing machine and for the life of them, can’t figure it out. A picture is worth a thousand words so…… Let’s take it one step at a time!

When you purchase Coats Invisible Zipper Foot, it has a red, yellow and blue shank and a white presser foot. One of the three shanks will fit your machine. It will most likely be the red or yellow. The blue fits very old machines that thread left to right, instead of front to back. We will look at the red and yellow. First you must determine which fits your machine.

Begin by removing EVERYTHING from the presser bar. If your presser foot snaps on, you will remove it and the shank (the metal piece connecting the presser foot to the presser bar). Your presser bar should be “naked”! You are now ready to determine if you have a low or high shank machine.

Measure from the set screw to the throat plate. If your machine measures 1/2 inch, use the red shank. If your machine measures 1″, use the yellow shank with the ‘X’ down. If your machine has a slant-needle, use the end of the yellow shank without the ‘X’.




Slide the white presser foot onto the rectangle on the front of the shank.

Attach the shank to the presser bar, using the set screw. It may be necessary to take the screw off of the presser bar to position the shank.







Lower presser foot. The bottom of the presser foot should rest on the feed dogs. If it is too high, some adjustment can be made by loosening the set screw and shifting the shank down slightly. This is why the opening for the screw is ‘U’ shaped.

Shift the white presser foot so that the needle is centered over the hole. Test to make sure the needle goes through the hole when you turn the hand wheel and that the needle clamp clears the presser foot. In the picture below, the needle clamp is hitting the presser foot. You would not be able to use the invisible zipper foot on this machine.

The Coats Invisible zipper foot is a generic foot that fits most machines but not all. Many sewing machine manufacturers offer an invisible zipper foot in their presser foot options. These work nicely with the smaller coil of the Coats Invisible Zipper.

An invisible zipper can be installed with a regular zipper foot. The blog, Sew Serendipity, has an excellent tutorial.

Invisible zippers are quite easy to install and many sewing enthusiasts agree with me, they are actually easier than regular zippers. I like that there is no topstitching! Instructions for installing Coats Invisible Zippers are included in the zipper package. Instructions can also be found on

79 thoughts on “The Invisible Zipper Foot

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Great tutorial. I was ready to give up using this foot until finding your instructions. Thank you so much.


  2. lisa Reply

    I am such a starter and know almost nothing about sewing, but I have passion about sewing and am so eager to learn, by myself. Thanks for the detailed tips to guide me through easily.


  3. Tamara Reply

    I too am a beginner and greatly appreciate you posting this… It encouraged me to attempt it, successfully.


  4. Anonymous Reply

    It would have been helpful to know which brands of machines this will work with.

  5. Lynn Browne Reply

    The difficulty is, even within a brand of machines, there are many different models and if you factor in all of the machines that have been produced over the years that are still being used, it becomes an impossible task. We are always happy to provide a refund if the foot doesn't fit your machine and you can't return it to the store. Our contact info is on our website.

    • Paula S Reply

      The little plastic shank pipe that the foot slides across keeps coming apart and i wonder if I can super glue the ends on it to keep it on?

      • Ann Moss Reply

        Please contact us via our Contact Us section on

        • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

          So sorry Cynthia! It sounds like there is a problem with your invisible zipper foot. Click on contact us and fill out the web form. We will be happy to replace it for you. You may also call (800)648-1479.

        • Lily Haws Reply

          I am working with a young sewer on her first invisible zipper installation. Even though I own an older Coats Invisible Zipper Foot I had her buy one so that she would have it in her sewing collection. I am so frustrated with the quality of this new zipper foot. The little bar on her foot keeps popping off. Invisible zippers are so easy to apply, but this foot is making it almost impossible. Also, the red shank wouldn’t fit easily on her machine. I couldn’t force it on hers. She has a slightly newer version of my machine so we had to put it on mine.

          • lynnbrowne Post author

            We are sorry you had this experience, especially while teaching a young sewer. We are contacting you directly about a replacement for the invisible zipper foot. It sounds as though the zipper foot is defective.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Fantastic! Helped me install the foot, unfortunately, I have never installed a zipper before. Now the foot is on, but I don't know what to do next! I appreciate the step by step instructions to install the foot! Very helpful! 🙂

  7. KoniginK Reply

    Thanks a MILLION; the detailed instructions with the clear photos were VERY helpful!!

  8. Anonymous Reply

    What would we do with out the internet?
    Bought the invisible zipper foot, brought it home, then said WHAT ??? when it came time to put it on my machine.
    These instructions are great. Thanks for the pictures as well.
    Now…. about hemming this dress! ha ha

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I was ready to burn my dress out of frustration, but now I have new hope;)

  10. Anonymous Reply

    I have been sewing for years, but have never used the Coats Invisible Zipper foot. Thank you for posting these instructions

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! I'm new to sewing although my mom is helping me learn. I bought this thing and was so pissed when I thought it didn't fit my machine. I did later buy another type of zipper foot which is even more complicated but at least it was only $3.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks a ton for posting this! I was one of those people who could not figure it our for the life of them. I was about to give up when I found this site.

  13. Phelony Jones Reply

    Thank you for posting this – it's incredibly helpful. Sometimes traditional directions don't cut it. I'm practicing on an invisible zipper right now that I want to put into a lined skirt. If anyone has a good link to a demo or photoblog explaining the installation an invisible zipper and a liner, I would be most appreciative!

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Will the Coats Invisible Zipper Foot work on a Bernina Virtuosa 153?

  15. Lynn Browne Reply

    Our zipper foot cannot be used on Bernina's that have the one-piece presser foot. Check with your Bernina dealer for an invisible zipper foot for your machine. Bernina's invisible zipper foot works well with the size of our coil. Otherwise see the link above for installing using a regular zipper foot.

  16. Anonymous Reply

    None of the feet fit my Singer model 5062. Am I just out of luck???

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you! That was really easy and I had not figured it out from the package!

  18. Lynn Browne Reply

    We recommend contacting Singer. Also, you can follow the tutorial on Sew Serendipity and install the zipper using a regular zipper foot

  19. Anonymous Reply

    THANK YOU!!! The C & C package directions are confusing and vague. Not only that, I needed a magnifying glass to read them. The information you posted is invaluable. Thanks again!

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Glad to have found these instructions. The set does not fit on my sewing machine though. Darn!

  21. Anonymous Reply

    I am a pretty experienced sewer, but am quite confused. I sew on a 51 year old Singer Featherweight that threads from right to left. I am not sure I can use even the blue shank. Please help! I am sewing my daughter's wedding dress!

  22. Lynn Browne Reply

    You can follow the tutorial on Sew Serendipity mentioned above. You would attach the blue shank in the same manner as your presser foot attaches to the pressure bar. Contact us directly through the 'contact us' option on our website and we will be happy to provide more assistance.

  23. Kristen Reply

    Thank you for the photos! A picture really is worth a thousand words … especially in the case of a weird little invisible zipper foot. 🙂

  24. Lynn Browne Reply

    Does this model have the one piece shank and foot that clips onto a short cone? If so, it will not fit. Bernina does make an invisible zipper foot that was designed to work with our zipper coil.

  25. Anonymous Reply

    I have a New Home Sewing machine and I am trying to put the invisible zipper foot on and the needled attachment hits the white part of the zipper attachment. My machine is about 20 yrs old. Can I use this attachment with my machine? Thanks for any help.
    Kathy Dean

  26. Lynn Browne Reply

    Unfortunately, if the needle box is hitting the foot, this will not work on your machine. There is a link in the blog post to a tutorial for installing the invisible zipper using the regular zipper foot.

  27. Anonymous Reply

    Any suggestions on how to get the shank off of the presser bar? Mine seems to be stuck, but not sure if it even is supposed to come off. It is a Singer 5825 ~ 15 years old.

  28. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you so much for these directions. The ones on the package were so tiny, I was having problems reading them. I also didn't realize that I needed to attach the white to the red. Embarrassing since I used to do invisible zippers all the time 30 years ago!

  29. Anonymous Reply

    Wonderful description of the connections for the foot. Thank you for your simple explanations and photos. I'm so pleased to have found your blog.

  30. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you sooo much! Being a beginner at this I had no idea!

  31. Anonymous Reply

    I've been sewing for 33 years, and while I have inserted many zippers, I've never used an invisible zipper.

    I read the invisible zipper foot instructions on the package, and found your instructions to be the best! Thank YOU!

  32. Anonymous Reply

    I have to thank you so much for this post! You are so right a picture is worth a thousand words or more. I've been looking for days now on how to use this zipper foot. I figured it out with everything I read but I wanted a picture to make sure I was doing it right. This is the first one I've found that was worth anything. Again thank you I almost gave up on my dress!

  33. Anonymous Reply

    Hi great post, I have a Bush 988 and am having trouble finding a compatible foot.
    I rang my (soon to be) course tutor about invisible zipper feet and she said that they were not universal….do you think she meant normal zipper feet (which I have).
    Do you think this will fit, because this seems to be the only type available….Bush seem to not have any own brand accessories!

    Fun new hobby but does confuse a bit hehe

    • Lynn Browne Reply

      We do not have any information on your machine model. There is a link in the blog to a tutorial for installing the zipper with a regular foot.

  34. Anonymous Reply

    I am an experienced seamstress. I do not care for invisible zippers. I can put in a hidden zipper w/o invisible zippers. But I have a friend who really prefers them and I am replacing one in an existing skirt so I purchased the Coat foot. I was ready to give it up until I decided to 'google it'. This is a new concept to me. I am not young and I thank you. The pkg. directions were not clear.

  35. Anonymous Reply

    How do you get the presser foot, the white piece, to stay put when sewing? (since it can move side to side while sewing)

  36. Deborah Reply

    Thanks so much! The package does not tell what the white thing is, and I was completely befuddled. Now I’m not. 😉

  37. Kathy Reply

    I spent a over an hour trying to figure out how to put the foot together with the shank. Thanks so much. Then you told us how to put the foot on the bar. Thanks!!!

  38. Muriel Reply

    They are mechanical sewing machine, electronic sewing machine, computerized sewing machine
    and overlocker sewing machines. It was dirty inside and out, rusty,
    and had two drawers missing but the cabinet was in good shape, so I paid him $50 and we loaded it
    up and took it home. Wen Mc – Grath (Vomag), chief engineer Robert Zahn,
    has developed a new automatic machine, far better than the other models on the market.

  39. Rae Bryant Reply

    Please show an example using the blue foot. It is unlike the red and yellow foot so it seems to attach differently.

  40. Wendy Burke Reply

    Thank you! I was so afraid the white piece was broken , since the part was not together. but the instructions and the picture of what they look like will really help.

  41. Poppy Reply

    Many thanks for your article, very helpful! I have purchased a Janome concealed zipper foot but have no idea how it attaches, if I go and purchase the universal attachments noted above would this fit a Janome 2070?

  42. Cece Reply

    Thank you for this! I just got a new Brother sewing machine with snap-on feet and could not figure out how to assemble the plastic pieces I used to use on my old Singer. The pictures really helped.

  43. Lupita Reply

    I have been attempting to use the invisible zipper foot on my Singer 6233, but am having some serious problems….the white “slide bar” keeps popping off the presser foot and my tension is messed up whenever I use the foot (too loose on top), but normal when I sew with my regular foot. And how do I know if I have a “slant-needle”?

  44. Kitty Reply

    Thank you for the pictures – although I figured out how to use it before this came. I also have had a problem with the “slide bar” popping off and decided that since I will only be using the zipper foot on one machine (a Kenmore), I could glue it in place.

  45. Emilee Reply

    This would have been very helpful had the auther gone further than simply mentioning the blue front mount shank. I have yet to find any other website to explain how to attach that one to an older-model sewing machine.

  46. peggy Reply

    The little plastic shank pipe that the foot slides across keeps coming any one have any ideas on how to stop it?

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      Unfortunately, this was a defect in some of the feet. We are happy to provide a replacement. Please call (800)648-1479 or fill out the Contact Us form on

  47. Ann Reply

    Your instructions and clips on you tube were very helpful. I found the whole experience horrid and have returned the foot. 1)Foot kept moving along the white bar. 2) white bar fell off. 3) little info on how close (& what is to close) to get needle. BTW, my machine is in the shop getting fixed after this experience. Ba careful you don’t strip your threads like I did! Guess I’m a visible zipper gal…sigh

  48. Jean Reply

    I have a Bernina 830, which is a dream of a sewing machine but not for this invisiblezipper foot, unfortunately!! After much confusion, I just ended up using the zipper foot that came with my machine and it worked out just fine…..not perfect, but my 8 year old granddaughter won’t mind. At least I tried with the Coats invisible zipper foot. Wish the package could say which machines it works for and which ones it doesn’t. Assumed it worked for all of them….wrong assumption.

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      Bernina does have an invisible zipper foot which is designed to work with Coats Invisible Zippers. If you would like a refund for the one you purchased call Coats Consumer Service at (800)648-1479 or use the Contact Us link on this page.

  49. Carol Janes Moya Reply

    Thank you! I had no idea the white piece was an actual zipper foot!

  50. Janie Giordano Reply

    The white part came apart as soon as I took it out of pkg. I can’t get it together. Is this a defect in my foot?

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      We are sorry that happened and will be happy to provide a replacement. We will be in contact with you or you may reach us through the contact us link or by calling (800)648-1479.

  51. Donna Reply

    Your tutorial was excellent! The product itself, not so much. The packaging is very unclear (and I had to use a magnifying glass to read it). The white rod kept falling off and after 20 Min off struggling with it to stay put, I finally get it on my machine only to find out it is incompatible. A frustrating waste of time, money and effort – including my trip back to the store to get this foot for the sewing project I am in the middle of. I could have hand sewn the zipper during the time it took just to work with such a cheap little part. Sigh.

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      We are glad that the tutorial was helpful, but regret that the foot you purchased was defective. Watch for an email from our Consumer Care department.

  52. Lee Millar Reply

    Good day, This foot does not work on my Husqvarna Daisy machine. The zipper package said my only option was this zipper foot, I do not believe this is actually true. I have installed an invisible zipper before but it has been many years and it was a different machine. I do not remember invisible zipper feet being at all difficult to install. This one is. Directions TINY and almost impossible to read WITH my reading glasses.
    Thank you,

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      You may use any invisible zipper foot to install our zippers. Ours will give the best results because the grooves on the underside of the foot match the size of the zipper coil. Also, there is a link in this blog post for installing the invisible zipper using a regular zipper foot. Viking offers an invisible zipper foot- check with your local Viking dealer.

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