Tissue Caddy

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Storing extra rolls of toilet tissue can be a problem, particularly in a small guest bath with limited storage. And what if, heaven forbid, the tissue runs out when someone is in need? This clever tissue caddy is the solution to that dilemma, as it holds an easily accessible extra roll in style.

Finished Size of Project: 7 1/2″ wide


1/3 yard outer fabric (cut crosswise, or 3/4 yard if the fabric pattern necessitates cutting lengthwise)

1/3 yard lining

2/3 yard fusible interfacing

Coordinating color of Dual Duty XP All-Purpose thread


Measure the distance between the wall supports on your toilet tissue holder and adjust the rectangle width if needed.

From the outer fabric, cut:

1 rectangle, 8″ x 23″

2 strips, 1″ x 30″

From the lining fabric, cut:

1 rectangle, 8″ x 23″

From the fusible interfacing, cut:

1 rectangle, 8″ x 23″

Preparing the Holder

Fuse the interfacing rectangle to the wrong side of the 8″ x 23″ outer fabric rectangle.

Making the Ties

  1. On each tie, fold the long edges to the center and fold one short end in 1/4″; fold lengthwise a second time to make a tie 1/4″ wide. Press firmly.
  2. Edgestitch each folded tie length.

Assembly the Caddy

Seam allowance is 1/4″.

  1. With right sides together, stitch the lining rectangle to the outer rectangle, leaving a 3″ opening along one short side for turning.
  2. Turn the caddy right side out through the opening. Press under the seam allowances at the opening and topstitch the rectangle 1/8″ from all edges.
  3. Lining sides together, match the short rectangle edges and pin. Fold one tie in half lengthwise and insert the fold between the rectangle layers 1/4″ deep and 1/4″ in from the long edges. Repeat for the second tie. Pin in place.
  4. Topstitch the upper holder edge on the previous stitching line and stitch again 1″ below the topstitching; follow the previous stitching line on each end to create a stitched box.
  5. Tie a knot is each end of both ties.
  6. Insert a roll of toilet paper in the caddy and tie to the wall supports of your metal or plastic holder.



6 thoughts on “Tissue Caddy

  1. Lori Reply

    I am confused, what is the ‘short rectangle” in step 3. We didn’t cut that in the directions?

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      ‘Short’ here is referring to the shorter 8″ dimension of the rectangle.

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