Today in Micro Sewing Fashion…

Sewing doesn’t get much cuter than when making kids clothes.  There’s so much freedom to explore with color and prints, and today we’re sharing with you 3 projects that we just couldn’t get over!

Doesn’t this whole project just make you smile?!   This outfit made by Irene of Froo and Boo is just too adorable for words.


This Hide and Seek Dress made by Bartrack and Singletrack is beyond perfection!  With side pockets and cuffed sleeves, this little gal is one stylin’ chic!



We just loved the fabrics and the colors used in this Pixie Dust Pea Coat by Behind the Hedgerow!  So playful and the floral print fabric detail in the hood and sleeve cuffs – adorable!



2 thoughts on “Today in Micro Sewing Fashion…

  1. Janodin Reply

    As a new and rather thrifty quilter I’d love to see some projects not intended to use up stuff only from yor stash (as I can’t afford to keep too much without using it right away). Maybe something using thrifted sheets or sourced fabric from men’s shirts/ties? Also something that takes the traditional quilting process and uses it to make something that’s not a quilt (stuffed animal/clothing/bags/photo album covers? Someting small tha would make learning the quilting process more attainable without spending my life savings. It took me a looong time to start quilting because I was so afraid of ruining the expensive fabric. Oh and anything with gorgeous fabric!

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