Turkey Day Decor and More

So . . . . why DIY Turkey Day Decor when the stores and catalogs are over the top full of gorgeous holiday décor? Satisfaction, budget-friendliness, self-expression and just plain fun keep Do It Yourself at the top of the list of things we’re grateful for. And, the holidays are an excellent time to use your home as a fabulous showcase for your creativity!

Image courtesy of handmadeintheheartland.com
Image courtesy of handmadeintheheartland.com

Thankful Banner and Leaf Wreath Pillows

As a firm believer in the value of DIY, Angela of Handmade in the Heartland keeps her Turkey Day Decor makes simple, yet elegant. For her beautiful Thankful Banner, you’ll use Burlap for the flags and Felt for letters and leaves. Plan your color palette and head to the store for Craft or Wool Felt. You might as well pick up supplies for your pillows and banner at the same time, so make a good list from the directions in Angela’s post first.

Coats Jeans & Topstitching Thread

When you get to thread, consider Coats Jeans and Topstitching Thread. It’s always my first choice for details that pop and it will make your leafy stitches successfully shine!

Image courtesy of handmadeintheheartland.com
Image courtesy of handmadeintheheartland.com

Download the letter and leaves PDF templates and you’ll be ready to start making. Following Angela’s step by step directions carefully is well worth it. She shares dos and don’ts from her experience and some pretty handy tips. My favorite – draw around your patterns directly on your felt instead of pinning and laboriously cutting around paper that keeps moving! You’ll be machine stitching leaf outlines and details so both projects will be wonderfully quick. All in all both the banner and pillows are super-enjoyable projects!

Click here for Angela’s Banner and Pillows post.

Image courtesy of shewearsflowers.com
Image courtesy of shewearsflowers.com

Turkey Placemats

Inspired by a design she saw at a well-known modern home décor store, Tammy of She Wears Flowers was certain she could economically make her own Turkey Day Decor. And, she was right! Tammy’s Turkey Placemat tutorial includes a pattern PDF download, detailed supply list and great tips on printing your pattern to the right size. Following her terrific step by steps, you’ll find your colorful turkey feathers fitting together like a crafty little puzzle.  I know clipping curves is tedious, but stick with Tammy and clip when she says to. You’ll save yourself a lot of gobbly grief.

Image courtesy of shewearsflowers.com
Image courtesy of shewearsflowers.com

Tammy’s Turkey Placemats are at the tip-top of the adorable scale, but they are a bit time-consuming. If you’re short on time, try making just one for the middle of the feasting table or hang your feathery Tom as a wall hanging.

Click here for the Turkey Placemats tutorial and pattern.

Image courtesy of frehspoppydesigns.com
Image courtesy of frehspoppydesign.com

Turkey Hoop Wall Art

The Fresh Poppy Design girls, Heather and Meg, wrote a wonderful tutorial for this delightful version of Turkey Day Decor. Their smiling fowl friend is fun to make and just right for the season.  Your turkey will be starring on a muslin background with perky hand-stitched feathers to add to his glory. Although, Heather and Meg chose hand-stitching, Mr. Gobble could quickly be stitched on your sewing machine using Coats Jeans and Topstitching Threads, too. If you’re skilled in machine embroidery, use that for the Give Thanks lettering.

Click here for the Turkey Hoop Art tutorial.

Image courtesy of thecottagemama.com
Image courtesy of thecottagemama.com

Turkey T-Shirt

So, now we’ll make the kids part of our Turkey Day Decor! Lindsay of the Cottage Mama blog, author and designer of a fabulous children’s clothing book and patterns, uses her talents for a free tutorial you’ll love. Start with a onesie or child size t-shirt, add feathers made from fabric prints, apply with fusible web and enjoy! Lindsay’s directions include a turkey body and feather PDF template and hints for making this adorable shirt perfect for boys or girls. Or grown-ups? I think you could easily enlarge the design and make a gobble-good Turkey T-Shirt for yourself, too!

Click here for the Turkey T-Shirt tutorial and pattern.

DIY Turkey Day Decor can become part of that for which we are truly thankful. Make it a marvelous way to say thanks and welcome family and friends for a blissful holiday full of joy!

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