Twine Tufted Pillow for Outdoor Style

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Can you believe it?  Summer is here!  I found this fun zig-zag fabric and couldn’t wait to make a few pillows to brighten our patio.   Tufted pillows are really cute, and they usually have a button in the center but I wanted something a little different so I used a jute twine bow-tie.  This pillow is made with materials and supplies that work great in outdoor settings; SunShade® fabric, Coats Outdoor thread, a Coats Invisible Zipper and a washable polyester fiberfill pillow form.


Tufted pillows usually do not have a removable cover, so they are not practical outdoors because you have to cut off the buttons for cleaning.  But with this pillow small eyelets on the front and back allow the jute twine to go through the pillow and tie on the outside.  When the bow is untied, the pillow cover can be unzipped and removed.

Sewing this pillow is easy as you will see below, or you can view a more detailed step-by-step can-do instruction on my blog.

To start, cut the front and back pieces and set small brass eyelets in the center, spaced one inch apart.

P1120785   P1120783

Add a polyester, invisible zipper to the bottom and sew around the other three sides.  Turn right sides out and iron the edges.  Now you are ready to stuff the pillow!

Mark the center of the pillow form to match the eyelets on the pillow cover, and poke pieces of twine all the way through the pillow.  You will need a large upholstery or tapestry needle and a pair of pliers to get the job done.


Put the pillow form inside and thread the twine through the eyelets and close the zipper.


Now you can tie a bow on each side but be careful not to pull the twine out!  Tie a bow on one side of the pillow, turn over, cinch it in a little bit and tie a bow on the other side.


To keep the twine from unraveling, tie a knot in the tails under the bow.


When summer is over and it’s time to clean the pillow untie the twine, unzip the pillow and remove the cover for washing.

I hope you have a great summer!


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