Twisted Turban Headband + DIY Facial Washcloths = Handmade Spa Night Prep

headband washcloth duo

Do you have a bit of the Winter blahs already?  A little “selfish” sewing and “me” time may be just what you need to re-energize, so let’s prep for an at-home Spa Night! You’re going to love stitching up a quick Twisted Turban Headband and a few simple, soft DIY Facial Washcloths to add a luxurious handmade touch to your special night.

DIY Twisted Turban Headband steps

The clever Twisted Turban Headband you see above is a great upcycle project for your Spa Night prep. A headband is a wonderful way to keep your hair back while you’re enjoying an at-home facial! Choose a no-longer-flattering T-Shirt with fabric that still speaks to you and follow Melissa’s quick and easy instructions on her Honeybee Vintage blog. She’s made the steps very clear and you’ll only need beginner sewing skills.


Stitch up a DIY Facial Washcloth or two to complete your at-home spa ambience. They’re the perfect thing for removing creams and face masks. You may have fabrics on hand you can use, or you can head to the fabric store to pick out fun prints and colors for your washcloths. For that ultra-luxe spa atmosphere, stitch up washcloths that coordinate with your Twisted Turban Headband!

washcloths three

By the way, I don’t know about your home, but I have someone dear to me who tends, in confusion, to grab my store-bought facial washcloths to mop up something yucky. Since I don’t find the stained result very appealing for my face, I’m pretty excited about making a supply of DIY Facial Washcloths. It will be very clear just from looking at these little pretties, that they’re not for mopping up spills! And, as suggested in the Zaaberry blog instructions, a stack of handmade washcloths would make a very sweet baby gift.

So  . . . I’m thinking that a Girlfriends At-Home Spa Night would be just totally fun. Here’s a few ideas:

  • If you have crafty friends, invite them over for a sewing and spa night or afternoon. Have everyone bring their favorite facial products and a treat to share along with a sewing machine. This sounds like the ultimate Winter Bliss Gathering to me!
  • If your friends aren’t the sewing type, you can pre-make a headband and washcloth for each of them. Tie them up with lovely ribbons and add a one-use facial mask packet. Call it a Winter Restoration Party!
  • Do you have friends who have resolved to make 2016 the year they learn to sew? Share your passion and skills with a Learn to Sew Spa Get-Together. You’ve seen how easy the projects are – all straight seams!

Click here for the Twisted Turban Headband tutorial. Click here for the DIY Facial Washcloth tutorial. It’s amazing what a little fabric and thread can do, isn’t it? Enjoy, refresh, relax – you’re going to look and feel fabulous, darling!

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    Great ideas Annette! These would make great gifts too paired with bubble bath & lotion.

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