Ultra Violet Pantone 2018 Color of the Year

Each year the color service Pantone names a color of the year. We were excited to learn that Ultra Violet was named for 2018 because we have a thread color named…. Ultra Violet! In Dual Duty XP it is color 3390 and Coats & Clark , 308A.

Pantone’s Ultra Violet is a blue-based purple and our Ultra Violet is more red based- but not to worry- we have several other options! Our more blue-based violets include 3660 Deep Violet, which is a match to the Pantone shade, and 3690 (98) Purple, a slightly darker hue.

The great thing about 3690 (98 in Coats & Clark) Purple is that it is available in almost all of our threads–Dual Duty XPCoats Cotton, Coats Cotton Machine Quilting, Cotton Covered Quilting & Piecing and also Coats Zippers.

No matter what year, Coats & Clark has your color!

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