A Wee Bit O’Luck Door Hanger

Adding a little green to your space in honor of St. Patrick is easy with this verdant shamrock door hanger. The bead accents and zip-top hanger add a bit o’ fun. Finished Size of Project: Approximately 27“ (68.58cm), including hanger

Designed by Linda Turner Griepentrog


Coats Dual Duty Button & Craft, Color 6770 Forest Green

Coats Dual Duty XP All-purpose thread,  Color 6470 Leprechaun

Coats All-purpose Polyester Zipper 12” (30.48cm), Color 177, Kerry Green

4 rectangles of various green felt, each 9” x 12” (22.86cm x 30.48cm)

Assorted green glass beads

Polyester fiberfill stuffing

Chalk marking pen

Note: This decoration is designed to hang against a wall or a door, and there will be a front and a back side to it.


Print shamrock pattern. Using the shamrock pattern, trace one shamrock onto each color of felt rectangle. Roughly cut out the shape.

Making the Shamrocks

  1. Back each of the roughly cut out shamrocks with a matching square of felt slightly larger than the shape.
  2. Sew around each traced shape and trim the felt 1/8” (.32cm) outside the stitching line.
  3. Cut a 1” (2.54cm) slit in the center of the back shamrock layer only.
  4. Stuff each shamrock to the desired fullness using a pencil end or chopstick to push the stuffing into the leaves and stem.
  5. Whipstitch the slit closed.

Assembling the Hanger

  1. Using Button & Craft thread, join the shamrocks together with beads between. Anchor the thread into the stem of the upper shamrock and the top leaf center on the lower one. On the bottom shamrock, add beads below the stem. The number of beads is a matter of preference.
  2. Cut a 10” (25.40cm) length of one side of the zipper tape*. Form it into a loop hanger. Stitch the ends behind the top shamrock. Cover the cut ends with a small square of matching felt and hand-stitch in place.


Optional: If both sides will show, rather than slitting the back to stuff,  when stitching around the shamrock, leave open the lower stem area and carefully stuff the shape through the opening, then continue the stitching line to close it.


*Ribbon can be substituted for the zipper.

Download shamrock pattern and instructions


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