Yes! You Can Make Your Own Wedding Dress and Veil

With the average cost of a wedding dress and veil now at $2000 or more, it’s time to think about making your own. And, you can do it – really! I made mine with no regrets and I found lots of beautiful advice for you below. Read through, dream, plan, shop and sew!!

Image Source: Mint Green Sewing Machine blog.

Melissa’s Retro Style Wedding Dress

Melissa of the Mint Green Sewing Machine blog was an absolute vintage vision on her wedding day! Her dress was inspired by a photo she had seen and she patiently created many muslins to achieve the fit she wanted. With the help of a wonderful sewing teacher and two different patterns, Melissa successfully designed and sewed her dream dress. Her post has very helpful close ups of the details and construction of her wedding dress. You may not want a dress just like Melissa’s, but following her process will help you with the adventure of making your own dream dress! Click here for Melissa’s Vintage Wedding Dress post.

Image Source: Tanya Sews blog

Tanya’s Strapless Dress with Button Back

If a stunning strapless wedding dress is your goal, you’ll appreciate the tips included in Tanya’s post. Her gorgeous dress was created from yards and yards of beautiful organza and she learned a lot! On her Tanya Sews blog she discusses her self-drafted dress and links other posts that show more of the assembly details. You’ll particularly appreciate Tanya’s zipper and back button advice and her “true confession” about the inside construction! Click here for Tanya’s Strapless Wedding Dress post.

Image Source: With Wendy blog

Wendy’s Self-Drafted Wedding Dress

While designing and sewing her perfect, white wedding dress, Wendy learned to constantly wash her hands! That’s just one of many valuable tips you’ll find in her helpful, entertaining post. All in all she describes the experience as “truly satisfying” and she was thrilled with her self-drafted dress. Wendy’s post on her With Wendy blog includes lots of inspiration and a link to the instructional YouTube video about her dress. Click here for Wendy’s Self-Drafted Wedding Dress post and here for Wendy’s YouTube tutorial.

Image Source: Pauline Alice blog

Pauline’s Handmade Wedding Dress

When you’re looking for the perfect dress, inspiration is everywhere! Pauline of the Pauline Alice blog found the perfect wedding dress in a shop, but the price was less than perfect. She made notes of all the details, then bravely recreated it for her magic day. Although this post does not include construction details, you’ll enjoy the steps of Pauline’s process. It’s an inspiring post that will give you confidence to create your own beautiful gown! Click here for Pauline’s Handmade Wedding Dress post.

Image Source: My DIL. The veil that saved $110

Three Ways to Make Your Own Veil

Even if you decide to purchase your wedding dress, you can save lots of money by making your own veil. They’re simple to construct, the materials are generally inexpensive and you’ll love the satisfaction of having made your own! Making the veil is a very loving gift to offer a bride and it may become your specialty. They’re easy and fun to make and the materials are not hard to find.

When my son and daughter-in-law were engaged, she asked me to make a veil to wear with her purchased wedding dress. I was thrilled to be asked and went to the bridal store to view the style she had selected. They very kindly got it out for me and left me alone for a few minutes to make notes. I was shocked to find that the $150 veil was nothing more than a long length of veiling attached to a comb and loosely edged with a serger. The materials for her dream veil were purchased for under $40 and it was sewn while I watched a three hour TV awards ceremony. It was fun to do, exciting to help her save $110 and I think I made mother-in-law of the year. Well worth it!

There are many styles of veils and a few construction tips to go with each one. These three posts will help you create your design and sew a veil you’ll love!!

  • Simple, Raw Edge Veil
    Includes elements to consider, excellent construction details and a valuable supply list. Click Here
  • Veil With Ribbon Trim
    Includes a chart of standard lengths for different wedding veil styles. Click Here
  • Full Length Veil With Serged Edge
    Similar to my daughter-in-law’s veil and oh-so-simple to make. Click Here

You see, you can do this!! Create a treasured memory, save a lot of money and invest in your new home or honeymoon instead. A handmade wedding dress and veil is an achievable delight and you’ll be so glad you created your own!

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