Zippers everywhere!

If you have been in the stores lately or looked in any fashion magazine, you have seen zippers being used in everyway, shape and form! Zippers are certainly not just for zipping anymore!

Zipper rosettes can be used to embellish just about any accessory– a head band, shoes, purse or add a pinback and use on a lapel.

They are easy to make– all you need is a Coats Heavy-weight Brass Separating Zipper and Dual Duty XP Heavy thread.

Basically, you will unzip the zipper and cut off the lower end. Gather the tape using Dual Duty XP Heavy thread. Roll the tape into a rosette taking a few hand stitches on the back to hold the layers in place as you go. Complete Rosette instructions are on

2 thoughts on “Zippers everywhere!

  1. HollyW in NC Reply

    Beautiful! i will never throw another zipper away again!

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